Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Birthday Celebrations!

Hi Guys!
It was my 21st Birthday yesterday (Monday 6th) and on the Sunday before me and one of my favourite girls went on a cinema and Frankie & Benny's Date :) We went and watched Ted, which was okay but not as funny as I thought it would be and was little strange. Kind of felt like I was on drugs the whole time watching it, like I was having some weird trip!! Haha. Anyway, we went for food afterwards and it was delicious! Although I didn't eat a lot because I had Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream at the cinema, it was heavenly though! I thought I'd share my birthday pictures with you :) 

 Our yummy Platter. 
Me and the Mr went bowling! 

First lot of Presents! :) 
First Present off Mark! 
Oh yes! 

Second Present off Mark! Armani Watch :) 

My Friends and Mark's Mum & Dad got me a Pandora bracelet and charms! And it's purple and <3 

I love the mug in this little set, it is absolutely massive and holds a good brew! 

Can't wait to get into these! :) 

My auntie got me this gorgeous bag and it's perfect! I love it and she knows me so well! :) 

My parents got me a 32" television but I got given it a few weeks before because it was just sitting in the lounge and my dad wanted to put it up straight away! I love everything I got oh and I nearly forgot... A family Friend made me a cake! 

I haven't had any of it yet but I'm sure it's lovely and I'm so grateful that she put in so much effort for me! 
I had an absolutely lovely day and it ended with my parents taking me to a little restaurant for a birthday meal  with Mark. I felt a little bummed out today, probably just because I had such a lovely time yesterday but I feel good now and I'm in bed watching my big bang theory box set with a bottle of Dr.Pepper! Yes, I may be 21 but I'm still very much a child :') 

I have a day off tomorrow and it is supposed to be sunny so hopefully going to go out for the day! :) 


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