Friday, 27 July 2012

A cheap alternative..

Today I had a little parcel arrive which I've been rather excited about. You will probably think I've gone a little mad for already thinking about my winter wardrobe but with the miserable weather in England, can you really blame me? 

A sneaky purchase from h&m had to be made because some of their new stock is just gorgeous. I did restrain myself though and only bought two pieces. Now the first thing I'm going to talk about is something I have lusted over for probably about 3/4 years but couldn't never justified the price to myself. So when h&m came out with an alternative for a fraction of the price, did I have to buy them? Yes I did. 

Image taken from h&m website
H&Ms version of Dr.Martens! Can you believe it? Last year I searched high and low for a knock off pair and could I find any? No!! But these beauties land in at just £24.99! But it doesn't end there, oh no, I managed to save on them as well! Being the tight fisted person I am I went searching for some discount codes, as you do. I managed to find one for 25% off one item of your choice, so they came down to £18 something. Bargain! 

Now, I also ordered a little cardigan which was in the sale for £3.99 (I think) but I searched some more, ultimately trying to find a free delivery code but then came across one where I got £5 off the entire order as well! So all together, including the delivery it came to around £21! So I got myself a good deal don't you think? I have just tried these on and had a little walk around in them and they are so comfy it's quite unbelievable. I thought they would be a little tight until they were worn in but they fit a little loose. Not a problem though because when winter does come around I like to wear thick socks because the toesies get cold. Now I know that Dr.Martens can be quite hard to wear in and are a little uncomfortable for awhile but I do a lot of walking around when in university, going to different buildings etc so the last thing I need is for my feet to be killing me! I'm really happy with them and once the rain falls again I will definitely be strutting my stuff in them! Although I will say the laces seem a little short, as they are hard to tie properly and seem a little thin, so I will probably get some new laces for them (if I can be bothered). 
I just thought I'd share these with you just in case anyone else wanted a pair of Dr.Martens and like me, didn't want to spend the hefty price. H&M have some really lovely stuff at the moment so you should definitely check them out :) 


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