Sunday, 8 July 2012


So my goodies arrived the other day and I was jumping with glee to get my hands on them! I don't quite understand why Boots thought it necessary to pack my stuff into such a large box, seems a bit of a waste to be perfectly honest. 

I instinctively opened the Clinique package first because I was just too excited about this foundation! And I must say, after a few days of trying it out, I am absolutely in love! Although it is a little pale for me at the moment because I've just come back off holiday and have a little bit of a tan. But I don't mind because I can save it for the winter where it is going to be absolutely essential in my collection. During the summer months I tend to try keep my make-up quite minimal. However, I will still use this when I feel I need a little more coverage, especially on those days that my skin is misbehaving! And I will just use some bronzer over the top to keep a little colour in my face. 

I love the packaging and design of this foundation also, although I have never completely understood some people's aversion towards certain brands packaging (I mean it's about the product at the end of the day, not how pretty it is!). 

I did also get these little free samples with my order from Clinique. I was surprised by the eye cream as I thought it would just be one of those little sachets of cream (like the ones you get in magazines) but it was such a cute little pot and contains quite a reasonable amount of product for a sample. I am enjoying the eye cream at the moment and is definitely helping with those dark circles! The mascara is good, although I don't really dislike many mascaras to be honest, I'm quite easy when it comes to them. 

Then we have these beauties! I got this Fest Of All gift free with my 17 purchases because I spent over £6, which I forgot that my friend already give me the nail polish from her one so now I have two! Silly me. I ripped open the brushes straight away and sat in front of my mirror with Clinique foundation and started a necessary application of coverage. I fell in love immediately with both the foundation and the brushes. Particularly the buffing brush from the Core Collection which works like an absolute dream with the foundation. It blends and applies so perfectly on my skin and I finally feel like I have my holy grail! I definitely think these brushes play a big part in the application of probably any foundation but especially with this Clinique one. The contour brush in the Core Collection is like perfection, it makes my blusher/bronzer look so perfect and above all natural! I don't look caked in make-up and I feel so confident went out and about. I can't comment on the staying power of the foundation yet because I just haven't had it long enough to give you all an accurate and honest opinion. The Stippling brush helps to apply a light layer of product which is perfect for those hot days! I am so pleased with these brushes and they were definitely worth the investment. 

I also just wanted to give a quick mention to this 17 Glow Shimmer Brick. The colours are gorgeous and looks lovely on the skin. You can use each colour individually or mix them together to create a unique colour. For a drug store brand I think this product gives a great colour! And it's cheap, what for could you ask for, eh? 

Overall I love everything I bought (thank god!) and would definitely recommend these real techniques brushes to anyone looking for good quality make - up brushes! I will definitely do a more in depth review of the Clinique Foundation once I've tried it out a bit more! 


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