Monday, 23 July 2012

Skin Care.

Hi Guys! I thought I would do a quick post about my skin care routine, as I know feel I have the right products to suit my skin type. 

My everyday skin care. 
I don't use a lot of products, just the simple wash, cleanse and moisturise. I also don't use any of these expensive products because I just don't find they work for me. I have used the Clinique 3 Step programme before and did so for about 6/7 months but just found my problem area (dry skin) was not being addressed. I have also tried Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish but found that it didn't do much for me either. So, after spending ridiculous amounts on these 'revolutionary' skin care products, I just decided to keep it simple. After also trying the Simple products I decided to mix and match my products. 

SKINSYSTEM Cleansing Facial Wipes: Sensitive. 
This is the first product I use in my routine and although I have a cleanser, which can remove make-up I have always preferred using a wipe, just to at least remove the visible traces of make-up at first. I used to really hate face wipes as certain brands really break me out, especially when I was in my early teenage years. These have been my trusty repurchase for years and really inexpensive at only a £1 each or sometimes they are 4 for £3. I think these do the job and don't break me out which is always a plus.  

Boots Tea Tree and Witch hazel Foaming Face Wash.

After I have removed my make-up with the wipe I use this with a splash of warm water. I use about two pumps and it comes out as a foam. After scrubbing it into my face I wash it off again with warm water. You can really smell the tea tree and it's really refreshing on the skin. This is probably my favourite product out of them all as it really helps reduce the appearance of my spots and also keep them at bay. This removes the last traces of residue left from my make-up and is very effective at giving a deep clean. I use this both day and night. I would recommend this to everyone, it really is fab.

 I came across this little gem when it was on a deal in Superdrug or Boots and I thought I would give it try (Garnier is now my all time favourite brand). I chose this one because it was specifically for dry skin and I have trouble with dry skin around my eyebrows and on my forehead. I would recommend this for any skin type though because it's just very comforting as it says. It really does feel like my skin is getting a good clean. I use this after my foaming face wash just to give my face a comforting cleanse and a little moisturise. When I use this on  cotton wool (at night) no traces of make-up are left on the pads, which gives credit to the foaming face wash for doing its job! I only use this on cotton wool pads at night because I don't need to apply make-up so don't need to worry about my dry skin.  

Source Google Images. 

I use one of these exfoliating face brushes in the morning to just gently rub the cleansing lotion into my skin. I focus around my forehead but do also use this a little on my chin and cheeks. I feel it helps bring the blood to the surface of my skin and creates a radiant kind of glow, it also stops the flaky look appearing once my make-up is applied. The one pictured is not the one I actually use, I had to grab a picture off Google because my actual brush broke the other day so I just essentially have the head part now, and I couldn't really take a picture of that could I? I'm going to purchase a new one soon but not from the same place because it was obviously poor quality. I only went to rub it on my face and it just snapped in two (tbf It was only 99p from Ebay). 

Garnier Essentials Moisturiser. 
This is my day time moisturiser which I use every morning without fail. I absolutely love this moisturiser, it's rich and creamy and keeps my skin nicely hydrated for the day. The only downfall I would say is that it does make my skin slightly oily but once it has settled in (usually leave for 5/10 minutes) the 'oilyness' usually subsides. I am going to look around for a mattifying moisturiser and see how it compares because I obviously don't want to dry out my already partly dry skin. This tub has lasted me 11 weeks so far and counting... It probably has another months worth in it! Great value for money I say! 

Boots Vitamin E Night Cream. 
I use this before I go to bed and apply a generous amount all over my face. I don't mind using a more rich and intense cream for night time because it allows time for the product to really sink in. It leaves my skin really hydrated and gives a good moisturisation to thirsty and dry skin, especially after battling with the toxins of the day. This isn't a massive tub but it was probably lasted me about 2/3 months. I don't know how it's lasted that long but I feel like I've had to forever and at £2 something you can't really complain! :) 

Clinique All about eye rich. 
Lastly is this little precious pot of miracles! I got this diddy sample free in a Clinique order and I am very impressed by it. It is only tiny but packs a lot of product and you only need to smallest amount anyway and it's perfect to travel with. This is used most days, although sometimes I am just too lazy to apply another cream! When I do use it though, I do find it helps to reduce those pesky dark circles and for someone who never uses and hates concealer, it is a bit of a god send. I haven't priced up the full sized tub and I can imagine it has a nice price tag too! I'll make do with this little wonder for now as it will probably lasts months anyway! 

So this is my skin care routine, nothing special and nothing extravagant but it does the job. I'm glad I have found products that compliment each other and actually work for me because I hate trailing around trying to find new products because lets face it we have better things to do with our time! 

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